Saturday, December 25, 2010

SS-08 "The Golden Galleon"

SS-08 The "Golden Galleon" (13 episodes) is an exciting story of searching for sunken treasure. Several accidents early on cause Sam and the gang to stop and take stock of whether they are in the Lord's will or not - much to the chagrin of the woman who hired Sam to help her locate the Golden Galleon. Her uncle holds the secret as to the whereabouts of the sunken ship but he is near death. Will he pull through to tell his secret or will the sunken treasure lay buried in the sea for ever? Tune in and learn what the real treasure is!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coming Soon: They Fly for God

SS-29 "They Fly for God" (19 episodes)
This is a story of two brothers who are missionaries in the jungles of South America. One is a pilot and the other is preaching and teaching the Gospel on a remote Mission station. Several other missionaries are on various other Mission station's. Cleive (sp?), the pilot, flies supplies to the missionaries and occasionally does emergency flights to take missionaries or natives to medical help. Buddy, Nancy and Hazel are helping Cleive man "Grand Central Station" in the jungle. Clem (sp?) is having trouble with the chief and the witch doctor at his station. The chief's son has died and the chief is burning the village in anger stirred up by the witch doctor. Clem was gone when the chief's son died so Cleive flew Sam and Clem out to Clem's Mission station to try to calm the situation. They had to parachute down to the station since there is no air strip at Clem's station yet - partly because it is opposed by the witch doctor and partly because of a large tree right in the middle of where the landing strip needs to be. Olie is on his way with a native boy and mules loaded with supplies to build the airstrip. A curse, a sudden storm and a dramatic rescue pave the way for the Gospel to come to this needy village. Tune in to find out how!

Your Prayers Needed for Harbour Light Radio

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Harbour Light is in serious need of both your prayers and gifts. Giving is seriously down at Harbour Light. They are having great difficulty finding the money to pay bills. Please take the time today to pray for the needs of Harbour Light. And, if possible, give what you can to help them share the Good News with the world. Visit the Harbour Light web site at

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SS-07 Atomic Material

Sam has agreed to transport some atomic material for a friendly nation. This adventure is filled with sailing, spying, submarines and secret agents!

"Atomic Material" just began at the end of last week. Don't miss all the action and adventure packed into this exciting story!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

SS-18 "Shark Way"

SS-18 “Shark Way” (8 episodes)
Sam and the crew are searching for great white sharks to study their habits. When they find a school of these huge creatures, the hunters become the hunted. The sharks attack the Porpoise and their support boat. Ollie must use his whale harpooning skills to try and save the ship and the crew.

Friday, October 1, 2010

SS27 The Black Pearl

SS-27 "The Black Pearl" Sam and the crew are in a small fishing/oyster village in Japan at the request of a missionary friend. This village has suffered hard times but a mysterious message on the dying lips of an old pearl diver brings hope. The old man says that the secret to better times for the village is to find "The Black Pearl." Sam's assignment? Help find the black pearl! But someone else is interested in finding the "Black Pearl" for himself. In fact, he has already been looking as evidenced by the disturbed oyster beds. Tune in to learn how greed nearly becomes fatal and how a testimony of forgiveness brings life.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

SS-11 The Ghost of Stone Manor

SS-11 “The Ghost of Stone Manor” (13 episodes) Sailor Sam is in NY relaxing after his latest adventure when he is astonished by a visit from an English lawyer informing him that he is the heir to a castle in England! The old gentleman, Sir Samuel Stone, has died and Sam is the nearest of kin alive. Sam and the crew decide to go to England to see "Stone Manor." Jealousy, bitterness and a downright ghostly turn of events make this adventure a one-of-a-kind. Tune in to hear how God makes all things work together for good for Sam and the crew - as well as for the servants employed at the Castle.

"The Ghost of Stone Manor" bagan earlier this week. So tune in Monday for a great story!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Africa's Great Lakes

The African Great Lakes are divided among three different catchments (river basins), and a number, such as Lake Turkana, have internal drainage systems. The following, in order of size from largest to smallest, are included on most lists of the African Great Lakes:
Lake Victoria
Lake Tanganyika
Lake Malawi
Lake Turkana
Lake Albert
Lake Kivu
Lake Edward

For further information on these lakes go to Wikipedia:

From Eurekalert:
Lake Tanganyika Warming
The annual catch of the Lake Tanganyika fishery is estimated at about 198,000 tons per year, more than 20 times greater than the U.S. commercial fishery in the Great Lakes, he said. The nations of Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo border the lake, which is the longest lake in the world and the second deepest.
The surface waters of Lake Tanganyika are the most biologically productive part of the lake. For the 1,400 years before 1900, those waters were no warmer than 75.7 F (24.3 degrees C). Since 1900, the lake's surface waters warmed 3 degrees F, reaching 78.8 degrees F (26 degrees C) in 2003, the date of the researchers' last measurement.

The researchers used sediment cores from the lake bed to reconstruct the 1,500-year history of the lake. The scientists analyzed the cores for chemicals produced by microbes and left in the sediments to determine the lake's past temperature and productivity.
Because sediment is deposited in the lake in annual layers, the cores provide a detailed record of Lake Tanganyika's past temperatures and productivity and of the regional wildfires.
The instrument record of lake temperatures from the 20th century agrees with the temperature analyses from the cores, Cohen said.
The cores were extracted as part of the UA's Nyanza Project, a research training program that brought together U.S. and African scientists and students to study tropical lakes. The National Science Foundation funded the project.

SS-30 Lake Africa

Sailor Sam and the crew have just met Professor Digg, an archaeologist, who has contracted Sam to take him on a digging expedition in Africa. Professor Digg has come aboard the Porpoise but not without fanfare. It appears that Professor Digg is going to make life difficult for the crew. Tune in to find out how the professor "digs" himself into a deep hole and and learn along with the crew how to display a Christ-like spirit toward those who are hard to get along with.

Friday, July 30, 2010

SS-25 Mountain Music

(13 episodes) Sam and the crew are in the middle of an adventure in the Appalachian mountains! Buddy and Nancy went to spend the summer with their aunt and uncle who are missionaries high in the Kentucky mountains. The area they are working in is populated predominately by two feuding families - the Caldwells and the Beals. No one knows why the feud started, they just know they have been at odds for several generations and don't have a mind to quit. The situation deteriorates quickly after Buddy and Nancy arrive and make friends with some of the children. When their crops are burned and they became hostages on the mission station, Buddy risks a trip through the woods to send a message to Sam to come help. How can Sam stop the feuding which would allow Uncle Fred and Aunt Jane to share the Gospel? A shooting contest, a stolen donkey, a sick child and kidnappers make things pop! Tune in to see how God works every thing together for good!

Friday, July 2, 2010

SS-34 The Thinking Machine

SS-34 “The Thinking Machine” (10 episodes)
Sam and the crew are on a very special missionary journey with an even more special crew. Sam has brought Princess Ann and Herman, a computer on board the Porpoise to help him attempt to translate the New Testament into Princess Ann's native language. Olie believes that Herman can think like a human. Catch all the hard work and adventure of going to a foreign land to put the Bible into the hands of people who have never heard or read the Word of God in their own tongue.

Monday, June 21, 2010

SS-37 The Secret of Blackbear Cave

The Secret of Blackbear Cave - 10 Episodes
Sam and the Crew are off taking a well deserved vacation - only a storm gets in the way and slows them down a bit. They are spending some time with Sam's scientist friend, Fred Norris, his nephew, Jimmy, and their handyman, Max who keeps disappearing from time to time. Fred is working on some experiments and hopes Sam will be able to help him out a bit. Olie is hoping for some rest and relaxation mixed with fishing. Buddy and Nancy are looking forward to exploring and excitement... not much chance of that way out in the middle of nowhere... or is there? You don't want to miss this exciting adventure of exploring caves and an unexpected "treasure" deep inside one of them in "The Secret of Blackbear Cave."

Have a great week of listening!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

SS-02 The Mark of the Scorpion

Randy's favorite story will be starting on Monday - the Mark of the Scorpion!

SS-02 "The Mark of the Scorpion" (13 episodes) is an adventure on the island of Borneo. A certain indigenous people deep in the jungle are scorpion worshipers. All attempts to make contact with them have only resulted in disaster. A single missionary, Miss Jane, and Jim, a Christian and her national guide feel the Lord is calling them to bring the Gospel to these savage people. When her brother receives a letter from Jane telling him of her plans, he calls on Sam to help. Will Sam and the crew arrive in time or will Jane's fate be like all the others who have dared penetrate this dark land. Tune in to find out about how they all come face to face with "The Mark of the Scorpion."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SS-12 "The Race"

A new adventure begins today for Sailor Sam. There's lots of action and excitement packed in this story. Dont miss a minute of:
"The Race" (8 episodes) In this adventure, Sam is off to a college reunion and meets up with an old college friend who is also a sea captain. Brad Young - not known for his honesty or integrity - challenges Sam to a schooner race from New York to the Caribbean and back. Sam's friends warn him against doing it because Brad cannot be trusted to race fairly. When Sam refuses to accept their advice and accepts the challenge, his friends decide to ride along to make sure the race is fair. Brad pulls every cheating trick in the book in order to guarantee a win for himself. Tune in to find out how Sam wins even though he comes in last.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

SS-05 Mexican Bandits

"Mexican Bandits" (13 episodes)
This is a mystery in the middle of Mexico. Chuck Walters is a missionary friend of Sam's and has been having trouble with bandits trying to drive him and the Christians out of their village. Chuck flies back to the States to ask Sam for a big favor - come to Mexico and clean out "ghost valley." It's a hair-raising adventure you won't want to miss!
Have a great weekend!
Habakkuk 3:17-19

Saturday, April 17, 2010

SS-21 Spook

A silly but serious adventure called "Spook" began on Tuesday.

SS-21 "Spook" (13 episodes) Spook is a highly trained monkey that Sam has been commissioned to hand deliver to secret services in Europe. However, there are others who would like to get their hands on this monkey and hire a clever couple to "kidnap" the monkey. Carelessness has blown their cover and all chances for Sam and the crew to deliver the monkey seem hopeless. Tune in to see how a near fatal slide down a mountain saves the day!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

SS-22 Shipwreck

Yes, Sam and the crew have left off digging for dinos and have gone back to sea. They are not off to such a great start... tune in and find out! :)

SS-22 "Shipwreck" (13 episodes) A new adventure begins with Sailor Sam and the crew running into more troubles than they have ever had. Pierre Cordeau, a famous underwater photographer wants to use the Porpoise to film the final footage for his latest nature film. His vessel was damaged in a recent filming session and needs the Porpoise to help him capture a herd of whales on film. Sam agrees to go along with the idea and the Porpoise is quickly outfitted with underwater filming equipment - including an underwater turret where a camera man can sit to film close up. An airline crash, a smashed turret and an unknown illness all work together for good as Sam and the crew learn to trust the Lord even in the face of death. Don't miss this unforgettable adventure of disaster in the air and at sea!
Have a great weekend!

"Shipwreck" began Friday, March 26, and should conclude on Tuesday, April 13.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SS-23 "Dinosaurs"

Sailor Sam meets up with Larry Stewart, the science editor for the New Orleans Daily. Larry is about to lose his job because the science page is so boring. His boss said Larry had 48 hours, to come up with an interesting story or he is out of a job! What is he going to do??? Hearing about Sam Stone and all his adventures, Larry goes to meet him. That's where he comes up with the idea of writing about Dinosaurs. Just where is this going to take Sailor Sam and crew?
Sam and the crew began this adventure on Tuesday, March 9. This story is 13 episodes long and should continue through Thursday, March 25.

Apology from Dave

Back on the 15th of February I posted a program summary on the Sailor Sam story Linda and the Smugglers. At that time I was permitting comments. Someone posted a negative comment and I allowed that comment to stay up. I did not realize at the time exactly what this person was saying. I have been mulling over those negative comments and have decided that this person was attempting to complain about the radio station he was listening to, and I assume that was Harbour Light Radio. I have since decided to moderate comments.
Am trying to share the Good News of Christ and living the Christian life as we enjoy the adventures of Sailor Sam and the crew of the Porpoise. I will no longer allow the kind of negative comments that I shared on that February post.
I apologize to all of you for allowing that gentleman's negative comments. I apologize especially to Harbour Light for hurting their reputation by permitting those comments. Harbour Light is a marvelous Christian group who is sharing God's word and offering fine Christian entertainment such as Sailor Sam. And Randy of Harbour Light has gone far out of his way to give me much of the Sailor Sam information on this web site.
I also apologize to all of you if you were in any way offended by those negative comments from February.
I ask your forgiveness for not showing more discretion when I didn't understand the intent of a post. I promise to post only positive comments connected to better enjoyment of Sailor Sam adventures from now on.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mystery Waters Solution

Let me answer the second part of the riddle first.
Yes, there is a sea without shores. This sea is nearly 3/4 as big as the Mediterranean Sea, roughly 2000 statute miles long and 700 statute miles wide. It is between 70 degrees W longitude and 40 degrees W longitude and between 25 degrees N latitude and 35 degrees N latitude. If you have a world map or a globe handy, you will see that those coordinates put you in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. But just as our country is one nation, it is made up of a group of states. So also the Atlantic is one ocean, but it is made up of several very distinct bodies of water. There are currents flowing in the Atlantic. These currents form a ring around the perimeter of the northern half of the Atlantic. These currents flow around a relatively still zone of the North Atlantic.
Sam is taking the Porpoise from the tip of Florida, where it is docked right now, to the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean to the only sea on earth without any shores, the Sargasso Sea. Bermuda sits in the northeastern corner of this sea. It is also bounded roughly by the West Indies and the Azores.
The Sargasso Sea is a huge pool of quiet water. Part of the reason for this is that the area is in the horse latitudes where the winds are often light or calm. Because this water is so quiet it is very clear. Visibility is roughly 200 feet or more. Seaweed grows in huge thick mats over much of the entire sea. These mats of weed offer good protection from many predators. That makes the mats great places for European and American eel larvae to hatch. Loggerhead sea turtles hide in the mats until maturity. A wide range of microbes also call the Sargasso home.
Not only sea weed but garbage collects in the Sargasso's still waters. A huge amount of non-biodegradable plastic now floats among the weeds (possibly forever).
Sam is going to the Sargasso to allow Buddy and Nancy to study the plant and animal life of this unusual body of water.
To get to the Sargasso Sea, Sam will follow the answer to the first part of this riddle, the river without banks, The Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is a very large warm and powerful Atlantic current that starts in the Gulf of Mexico, exists through the Strait of Florida, and then follows the east coast of the US and Newfoundland. The stream actually speeds up as it moves northward along North America. It has a flow of 30 million cubic meters of water per second at the tip of Florida and up to 150 million cubic meters of water near Newfoundland. All the rivers in North America that flow into the Atlantic only contribute 0.6 million cubic meters of water per second. This is not a straight-line flow. The Gulf Stream winds and bends on its journey north. And without banks to hold it in place, the stream's current is free to move about like a slow-motion version of a flag rippling in the wind.
The Gulf Stream is also wide, 62 miles wide on average and from 2,600 to 3,900 feet deep. It travels on average at 5.6 miles per hour. The mighty Mississippi has nothing on the Gulf Stream.
The Gulf Stream current splits at roughly 30 degrees west by 40 degrees north. One leg of the split crosses to northern Europe and is called the North Atlantic drift. The drift warms the coastal regions of Europe and even spawns cyclones in its waters and in the air over those waters. The other leg of the split recirculates past North Africa.
The warm Gulf Stream current affects climate from Florida to Newfoundland to western Europe. But the Gulf Stream itself is affected by the environment. Winds cool the stream through evaporation and direct cooling. The stream waters become denser and saltier as they cool. These colder waters eventually begin to sink like a lava lamp. These colder, sunken waters become part of the North Atlantic Deep Water current which moves south through the Atlantic.
Sam and the crew should have a fascinating time travelling these waters within waters.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mystery Waters Riddle

Sailor Sam has a riddle for you to ponder. The answer to the riddle is the key to a little adventure Sam has planned for the crew of the Porpoise, especially the kids. Here is the riddle:

Is there a river without any banks and a sea without any shores?

We'll have the answer to this riddle right here on the Sailor Sam page on Blogger tomorrow Sunday, March 7, 2010.

Monday, February 15, 2010

SS-24 Linda and the Smugglers

SS-24 “Linda and the Smugglers”

Sailor Sam and crew have gone undercover to catch some smugglers. The once sleek Porpoise looks like an old fishing yawl. What kind of smugglers is Sailor Sam up against--those who traffic in people! Mr. Baker and his Indian employee have just figured it out that Sam Stone is on their trail, and It is beginning to look as though there will be a sea battle before it is all over. You won't want to miss the exciting conclusion to this story.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What is a schooner?

Sailor Sam's ship The Porpoise is described as a 90-foot long schooner. What is a schooner anyhow? A schooner is a ship with at least two masts, the rear mast being taller or the same height as the other masts. The rear mast supports the main sail. A smaller sail called a foresail would ride on the front mast. From what I have read, I am guessing that a 90-foot ship such as The Porpoise would have just the two masts.
Here are three sites where you can get a good look at various schooners and also get some very interesting information on these ships:
Schooner Man
Schooner Adventure
American Schooner Association

SS-09 Noises in the Night

SS-09 “Noises in the Night” (8 episodes)
Sam is invited to be the key-note speaker at the Bible school's missions conference. All the crew join him at the school for a week of great preaching and fellowship until they began hearing noises in the night. The earth is moving! A crevasse opens up on main street wide enough to swallow a truck. Sam and Olie descend into its depths to determine what can be done about the danger but death awaits them. All hope is lost, a memorial service is held and then a miracle! Tune in and listen to this nail-biting adventure!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SS-36 Cubmarine

Sam and the crew sail into the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean to study the Green Sea Turtle but soon discover a “turtle” much larger than they ever dreamed! This “turtle” turns out to be a “cubmarine” which launches them on a new adventure. Where did it come from? Is there anyone inside – dead or alive? Tune in and enjoy this short adventure as Sam and the crew explore a modern marine marvel in the aqua-blue waters of the Windward Islands.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wings for the Missionary

SS-10 “Wings for the Missionary” (13 episodes)
A strange dog, unexpected visitors and God's mercy all come together to make this an exciting adventure. Sailor Sam and his crew meet Jeff Cornell, a WWII flying ace who wants to start a missionary aviation ministry. Sam agrees to help but first he and Olie must get their pilots licenses. Sam is approved by the mission, but Olie is told he is “too old.” Tune in to find out how Olie responds to this disappointment and how Sam and the crew find out!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haiti Relief

As you may have heard, Sam and his Porpoise crew went to New Orleans not long ago to help with the rebuilding after the terrible hurricane that destroyed much of that region. Now Sam is back in New Orleans but not to build or even bring supplies. Sam is there to pick up supplies to take to Haiti! Yes the wonderful Christian congregations in and around New Orleans have gotten together to send their own aid to the people of Haiti! And they have asked Sailor Sam to help ship that aid to the Haitian people. The folks in New Orleans know all too well the pains of such a disaster as Haiti's earthquake and want to help as best they can.
Sam will be part of a group of three ships carrying food, clothing, medical supplies, and Bibles to Haiti. Sam's and Hazel's knowledge of French will be a big help in Haiti. The kids and Olie are working hard to learn some basic French before getting to the island.

Sailor Sam: Oceanographer

Sam Stone, a.k.a. Sailor Sam, is described as a scientist, explorer, and expert sailor. That would make Sam a part-time oceanographer at the least in my book.
An oceanographer is a person who studies the ocean - things like the movement of the ocean floor (plate tectonics); attributes of the water (physical oceanography), its currents, temperatures, and chemistry; marine biology; and interactions between the ocean and the air. The term oceanographer originated with naturalists C.W. Thomspn and John Murray in their expedition on the ship Challenger (1872-76). John Murray became famous for his studies of ocean sediment. Oceanographers are important to shipping, the fishing industry, the laying of ocean cables, climate studies, and much more.
Sam has outfitted the Porpoise with its own lab and has the latest in sea exploration and observation equipment. Sam eagerly follows the work of Jacques Cousteau and his family's organizations. He also enjoys studying the work at the US Navy's Sealab, Tektite run by NASA and the Dept. of the Interior, and Aquarius run by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Admin. Sam also knows of over 250 other wonderful institutions that study the ocean.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

SS-10 Wings for the Missionary

Sailor Sam and his crew meet Jeff Cornell, a WWII flying ace. Then, there is a strange dog aboard the Porpoise on this adventure. To complicate things, First Mate Ollie tries to earn his Wings only to be told he is too old. How is Ollie going to take this injury to his lifelong dream and to his pride? How can Sailor Sam and the crew help Ollie? And how does Jeff Cornell fit in? Whose dog is on board the Porpoise? Find the answers to these questions by listening to Sailor Sam, at 5PM. Monday through Friday on the Harbour Light of the Windwards!