Thursday, May 27, 2010

SS-02 The Mark of the Scorpion

Randy's favorite story will be starting on Monday - the Mark of the Scorpion!

SS-02 "The Mark of the Scorpion" (13 episodes) is an adventure on the island of Borneo. A certain indigenous people deep in the jungle are scorpion worshipers. All attempts to make contact with them have only resulted in disaster. A single missionary, Miss Jane, and Jim, a Christian and her national guide feel the Lord is calling them to bring the Gospel to these savage people. When her brother receives a letter from Jane telling him of her plans, he calls on Sam to help. Will Sam and the crew arrive in time or will Jane's fate be like all the others who have dared penetrate this dark land. Tune in to find out about how they all come face to face with "The Mark of the Scorpion."