Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coming Soon: They Fly for God

SS-29 "They Fly for God" (19 episodes)
This is a story of two brothers who are missionaries in the jungles of South America. One is a pilot and the other is preaching and teaching the Gospel on a remote Mission station. Several other missionaries are on various other Mission station's. Cleive (sp?), the pilot, flies supplies to the missionaries and occasionally does emergency flights to take missionaries or natives to medical help. Buddy, Nancy and Hazel are helping Cleive man "Grand Central Station" in the jungle. Clem (sp?) is having trouble with the chief and the witch doctor at his station. The chief's son has died and the chief is burning the village in anger stirred up by the witch doctor. Clem was gone when the chief's son died so Cleive flew Sam and Clem out to Clem's Mission station to try to calm the situation. They had to parachute down to the station since there is no air strip at Clem's station yet - partly because it is opposed by the witch doctor and partly because of a large tree right in the middle of where the landing strip needs to be. Olie is on his way with a native boy and mules loaded with supplies to build the airstrip. A curse, a sudden storm and a dramatic rescue pave the way for the Gospel to come to this needy village. Tune in to find out how!

Your Prayers Needed for Harbour Light Radio

Our friends at Harbour Light of the Windwards bring us Sailor Sam and other fine programs of Christian teaching and entertainment. They give us these fine broadcasts faithfully each week. This wonderful programming feeds and warms us every day.

Harbour Light is in serious need of both your prayers and gifts. Giving is seriously down at Harbour Light. They are having great difficulty finding the money to pay bills. Please take the time today to pray for the needs of Harbour Light. And, if possible, give what you can to help them share the Good News with the world. Visit the Harbour Light web site at

to see all that Harbour Light does for Christ and how you can help with your prayers and gifts. Stop by Harbour Light today. You may support Harbour Light by sending a check to Aviation Radio Missionary Service at: ARMS, P.O. Box 23 Greenville, SC 29602.

SS-07 Atomic Material

Sam has agreed to transport some atomic material for a friendly nation. This adventure is filled with sailing, spying, submarines and secret agents!

"Atomic Material" just began at the end of last week. Don't miss all the action and adventure packed into this exciting story!