Friday, July 30, 2010

SS-25 Mountain Music

(13 episodes) Sam and the crew are in the middle of an adventure in the Appalachian mountains! Buddy and Nancy went to spend the summer with their aunt and uncle who are missionaries high in the Kentucky mountains. The area they are working in is populated predominately by two feuding families - the Caldwells and the Beals. No one knows why the feud started, they just know they have been at odds for several generations and don't have a mind to quit. The situation deteriorates quickly after Buddy and Nancy arrive and make friends with some of the children. When their crops are burned and they became hostages on the mission station, Buddy risks a trip through the woods to send a message to Sam to come help. How can Sam stop the feuding which would allow Uncle Fred and Aunt Jane to share the Gospel? A shooting contest, a stolen donkey, a sick child and kidnappers make things pop! Tune in to see how God works every thing together for good!

Friday, July 2, 2010

SS-34 The Thinking Machine

SS-34 “The Thinking Machine” (10 episodes)
Sam and the crew are on a very special missionary journey with an even more special crew. Sam has brought Princess Ann and Herman, a computer on board the Porpoise to help him attempt to translate the New Testament into Princess Ann's native language. Olie believes that Herman can think like a human. Catch all the hard work and adventure of going to a foreign land to put the Bible into the hands of people who have never heard or read the Word of God in their own tongue.