Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SS-06 The River Shark

SS-06 "The River Shark" (13 episodes)
Sam and the gang began a new adventure today. They are all on their way to Chicago by train when they hear about the River Shark.
The River Shark is an old river boat. Legend says that it was the fastest stern wheel paddle boat on water. But the entire ship disappeared many years ago without a trace, and it contained valuable and historical documents. No one knows if the ship sank, blew up, or was stolen. Collectors would pay a handsome price to obtain those documents. The US Government calls on Sam to to find it. However there are pirates looking for the old vessel. The old treasure is right under their noses but can Sam find figure out the mystery before the pirates do and save the priceless historical treasure from being lost? Tune in for some "cat and mouse" adventure!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

SS-01 Killer Whale

Sam and the crew are out to sea on an assignment to catch the largest killer whale they can find for scientific research. To do the job, Sam needs the best harpooner he can find. Harpoon Johnny is just the man... but Harpoon Johnny is a rough old seadog not accustomed to being on a "civilized" schooner. Be sure to be on the quarterdeck for this action packed adventure in the middle of the ocean hunting "The Killer Whale!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Ghost of Hook

Sailor Sam and the crew are on a trip up the Amazon. Since Hazel could not come along this trip, Nancy was left with the job. That turned out to be too much for her so the Lord sent an old friend of Olie's - Andrefo'. Andrefo' knew Olie before he was saved - along with a seedy fellow by the name of "Hook." Andrefo' heard that Olie and the Hook received Christ as their Saviour but he does not believe it and it takes a ghost to finally convince him. Join Sam and the crew for the adventure of your life - "The Ghost of Hook!"

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Have a great week!
Phil 1:9-11

Saturday, July 4, 2009

SS-31 The Ghost of Hook

Sam and the crew meet one of Olie's old buddies from before he was saved when the Lord sends the old friend just at the right time. This rough old seadog does not take to Hazel very quickly and she must learn a lesson in Christian love. Olie has a burden for his soul but in the process has to dig out a skeleton in the closet which turns out to be "The Ghost of Hook!" Here how God can save to the uttermost all them who call upon Him!