Friday, December 27, 2013

SS-07 Atomic Material

Sam's latest adventure began Friday, December 27:

SS-07 “Atomic Material” (13 episodes)
Sam has agreed to transport some atomic material for a friendly nation. This adventure is filled with sailing, spying, submarines and secret agents!
Hazel is hurt and must be taken to the hospital. Sam suspects that his passenger isn't his friend Prince Ben but an imposter. Things get even more complicated when a Navy ship doesn't show up for a secret rendezvous with the Porpoise!
What else can happen in this wild adventure?

Friday, December 13, 2013

"Adrift with the Drifter and the Professor"

Sam's adventure that began December 10th is:

SS-14 “Adrift with the Drifter and Professor” (13 episodes)

Sam is transporting some Bibles to some missionaries and has taken aboard two passengers as well. A professor who does not believe in God and a "drifter" who knows the Lord as his Saviour. These two men start off clashing right away. Things go down hill when the weather worsens and the schooner goes through the worst hurricane they have ever been in. The Porpoise looses her masts and other rigging and is in danger of sinking so they decide to abandon ship - in the height of the storm! Tune in to see true Christianity in action and experience the drama and trauma of being "Adrift" in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

An Explosive Situation

Sam and the crew are nearing the end of their latest adventure:

SS-33 “An Explosive Situation” (5 episodes)

The Porpoise is stolen while waiting for its regular haul out to clean the hull of the ship. To make matters worse, Buddy was alone on the Porpoise when it was stolen and the pirates did not realize he was aboard until it was too late. Now they are taking Buddy along with them on their mission to transport explosives and other ammunition to a rebel group in Latin America. Tune in to hear how Buddy learns to trust the Lord and be a witness even in an "Explosive Situation!