Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Apology from Dave

Back on the 15th of February I posted a program summary on the Sailor Sam story Linda and the Smugglers. At that time I was permitting comments. Someone posted a negative comment and I allowed that comment to stay up. I did not realize at the time exactly what this person was saying. I have been mulling over those negative comments and have decided that this person was attempting to complain about the radio station he was listening to, and I assume that was Harbour Light Radio. I have since decided to moderate comments.
Am trying to share the Good News of Christ and living the Christian life as we enjoy the adventures of Sailor Sam and the crew of the Porpoise. I will no longer allow the kind of negative comments that I shared on that February post.
I apologize to all of you for allowing that gentleman's negative comments. I apologize especially to Harbour Light for hurting their reputation by permitting those comments. Harbour Light is a marvelous Christian group who is sharing God's word and offering fine Christian entertainment such as Sailor Sam. And Randy of Harbour Light has gone far out of his way to give me much of the Sailor Sam information on this web site.
I also apologize to all of you if you were in any way offended by those negative comments from February.
I ask your forgiveness for not showing more discretion when I didn't understand the intent of a post. I promise to post only positive comments connected to better enjoyment of Sailor Sam adventures from now on.