Saturday, March 27, 2010

SS-22 Shipwreck

Yes, Sam and the crew have left off digging for dinos and have gone back to sea. They are not off to such a great start... tune in and find out! :)

SS-22 "Shipwreck" (13 episodes) A new adventure begins with Sailor Sam and the crew running into more troubles than they have ever had. Pierre Cordeau, a famous underwater photographer wants to use the Porpoise to film the final footage for his latest nature film. His vessel was damaged in a recent filming session and needs the Porpoise to help him capture a herd of whales on film. Sam agrees to go along with the idea and the Porpoise is quickly outfitted with underwater filming equipment - including an underwater turret where a camera man can sit to film close up. An airline crash, a smashed turret and an unknown illness all work together for good as Sam and the crew learn to trust the Lord even in the face of death. Don't miss this unforgettable adventure of disaster in the air and at sea!
Have a great weekend!

"Shipwreck" began Friday, March 26, and should conclude on Tuesday, April 13.