Sunday, February 22, 2009

SS-11 Stone Manor

Here is the update on Sailor Sam and the crew.

"Stone Manor" is the title of the current Sailor Sam Adventure. (13 episodes)
Sailor Sam is in NY relaxing after his latest adventure when he is astonished by a visit from an English lawyer informing him that he is the heir to a castle in England! The old gentleman, Sir Samuel Stone, has died and Sam is the nearest of kin alive. Sam and the crew decide to go to England to see "Stone Manor." Jealousy, bitterness and a downright ghostly turn of events make this adventure a one-of-a-kind. Tune in to hear how God makes all things work together for good for Sam and the crew - as well as for the servants employed at the Castle.

Sailor Sam is heard on the Harbour Light weekdays at 5PM AST.

Other drama programs of interest include:
Adventures Bookshelf - heard weekdays at 3:45PM AST(The current Adventure is Pilgrim's Progress)
Stories of Great Christians - heard weekdays at 4AM, 10AM, and 6:30PM AST(The current biography is D. L. Moody at 4AM and James Chalmers at 10AM and 6:30PM)
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

SS-30 Lake Africa

Sailor Sam and the crew have just met Professor Digg, an archeologist, who has contracted Sam to take him on a digging expedition in Africa. Professor Digg has come aboard the Porpoise but not without fanfare. It appears that Professor Digg is going to make life difficult for the crew. Tune in to find out how the professor "digs" himself into a deep hole and and learn along with the crew how to display a Christ-like spirit toward those who are hard to get along with.

Following "Lake Africa," Sam and the crew sail to England where Sam is to take possession of his inheritance - "Stone Manor!"

Sailor Sam airs at each weekday at 5 PM (Atlantic Standard Time). Get in on all the adventures with Sailor Sam as well as many other fine Christian programs on the Harbour Light of the Windwards.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Porpoise off to Israel

Sailor Sam has sailed to Israel from Venice. The crew of the Porpoise are visiting the Israeli cities of Akko (formerly Acre, in northeastern Israel) as well as Jerusalem.
In roughly 1269, teenager Marco Polo followed his father and uncle on a return trip to China to see Kublai Khan grandson of Genghis Khan. Kublai Khan had a wife who was a Coptic Christian and had interested the leader in Christianity. Kublai asked the Polos to bring him 100 Christian scholars and some oil from the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem. Newly elected Pope Gregory X sent two friars with the Polos at Acre. Unfortunately, the friars feared the journey and left the Polos before they had gone very far. The Polos did obtain the oil in Jerusalem. But this did little to convince Kublai of the value of Christianity.