Saturday, March 19, 2011

SS-03 Volcano!

(13 episodes) Sam has been asked to "tame" a volcano threatening a coastal village. Disobedience puts Hazel and Nancy in grave danger and nearly causes the death of Sam, Hazel and Nancy. Their escape lies through the heart of the volcano! Don't miss this heart-stopping adventure!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

SS-04 Taming the Twins

(8 episodes) Sam's patience severely tried when he agrees to "make Christian gentlemen" out of two young scoundrels, Mark & Luke Rasmussen. They have e recently lost both of their parents and need to be transported from Bombay, India to San Francisco. These spoiled brats try every prank in the book to make life miserable aboard the Porpoise. It doesn't look like Sam will be successful. The boys overhear Sam and Olie talking about what to do. Can they salvage what's left of the voyage and change Sam's mind? Tune in to find out!