Saturday, May 18, 2013

SS-21 Spook

Friday, May 17, 2013 Sailor Sam began his latest adventure on Harbour Light Radio, "Spook":

Spook is a highly trained monkey that Sam has been commissioned to hand deliver to secret services in Europe. However, there are others who would like to get their hands on this monkey and hire a clever couple to "kidnap" the monkey. Carelessness has blown their cover and all chances for Sam and the crew to deliver the monkey seem hopeless. Tune in to see how a near fatal slide down a mountain saves the day!

(13 episodes)

In episode 1, Buddy wins a trip to a summer camp in Switzerland. The crew decide to take him across the Atlantic in the "Porpoise" to that camp. Ollie offers to show everyone where he was born in Switzerland. Then Sam gets a live package that turns out to be the monkey Spook who must be delivered to France. A "boring" trip to Europe now appears to be anything but that!