Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haiti Relief

As you may have heard, Sam and his Porpoise crew went to New Orleans not long ago to help with the rebuilding after the terrible hurricane that destroyed much of that region. Now Sam is back in New Orleans but not to build or even bring supplies. Sam is there to pick up supplies to take to Haiti! Yes the wonderful Christian congregations in and around New Orleans have gotten together to send their own aid to the people of Haiti! And they have asked Sailor Sam to help ship that aid to the Haitian people. The folks in New Orleans know all too well the pains of such a disaster as Haiti's earthquake and want to help as best they can.
Sam will be part of a group of three ships carrying food, clothing, medical supplies, and Bibles to Haiti. Sam's and Hazel's knowledge of French will be a big help in Haiti. The kids and Olie are working hard to learn some basic French before getting to the island.