Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sailor Sam: Oceanographer

Sam Stone, a.k.a. Sailor Sam, is described as a scientist, explorer, and expert sailor. That would make Sam a part-time oceanographer at the least in my book.
An oceanographer is a person who studies the ocean - things like the movement of the ocean floor (plate tectonics); attributes of the water (physical oceanography), its currents, temperatures, and chemistry; marine biology; and interactions between the ocean and the air. The term oceanographer originated with naturalists C.W. Thomspn and John Murray in their expedition on the ship Challenger (1872-76). John Murray became famous for his studies of ocean sediment. Oceanographers are important to shipping, the fishing industry, the laying of ocean cables, climate studies, and much more.
Sam has outfitted the Porpoise with its own lab and has the latest in sea exploration and observation equipment. Sam eagerly follows the work of Jacques Cousteau and his family's organizations. He also enjoys studying the work at the US Navy's Sealab, Tektite run by NASA and the Dept. of the Interior, and Aquarius run by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Admin. Sam also knows of over 250 other wonderful institutions that study the ocean.