Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sailor Sam show summaries

Here are the Sailor Sam show summaries and other materials that I have so far (thanks to Harbour Light!).
I will be updating this list. So check back regularly.

Sailor Sam is an unmarried Christian gentleman, scientist, explorer and expert sailor. His schooner, "The Porpoise," is a sleek 90 foot wooden hulled ship outfitted with a lab and many "modern" conveniences - including radar! His first mate, Olie Olson, is a big kind hearted Swede who is older than Sam but a very capable sailor and Christian himself. Accompanying them on their voyages are Sam's young cousins, Buddy and Nancy and their spinster aunt, Hazel, a somewhat older lady but none the less a capable cook, nurse and a godly Christian lady. Their adventures take them all over the world to help missionaries, solve mysteries, battle volcanoes, and more!

The program opens like this: (with Dick Anthony, I presume, playing "Sailing, Sailing" on the organ)
The Adventures of Sailor Sam! "Land Ho!" "Where away?" "Starboard bow!" Hear the creak of the rigging? Listen to the wind whip the sails! Yes, boys and girls, Sailor Sam's big schooner "The Porpoise" plunges swiftly through the waves eager to serve her master. Where's she going? Wish I could tell you but we'll have to find out from Sailor Sam. An adventurous young man whose hunt for scientific truth takes him anywhere, yes, anywhere! And with him go his two young cousins, Buddy and Nancy. Aye, aye mates! It's full speed ahead now for sea-faring thrills with, Sailor Sam!

The program closes like this:
...see you on the quarterdeck (next week) for more adventure with Sailor Sam!

Note: Originally the program was broadcast as a weekly 15 minute serial drama. We have edited out "next week" to make the program usable for broadcasting on any schedule.

There are 32 adventures in 394 programs. (Moody Audio lists 37 adventures.)

Several of the voices in Sailor Sam are heard in other Moody dramas however this program predates all the others (I believe) and so there are some voices that are only heard in Sailor Sam. Most notable are Chuck Christianson as Sailor Sam, Rex Brenner (in various rolls) & Flo Schmidt as Buddy. The series starts off with a young man playing Buddy but he is replaced by Flo early on.

Here a list of the programs:

SS-01 "The Killer Whale" (8 episodes)
A killer whale is wreaking havoc among a coastal fishing fleet. Villagers are not able to make their living on the sea because of the attacks. Sam and the gang are called in to help. Sam calls on "Harpoon Johnny" to help. It looks as if they will fail in their mission to rid the coast of the killer. Finally the killer is spotted and a trap is set. The killer enters the trap but it is not enough to kill him. The killer makes one last attempt to rid the sea of his tormenters. Harpoon Johnny is knocked overboard and the killer makes straight for him! But there is more than one person in the weedy deep. Tune in and find out Who!

SS-02 "The Mark of the Scorpion" (13 episodes) is an adventure on the island of Borneo. A certain indigenous people deep in the jungle are scorpion worshipers. All attempts to make contact with them have only resulted in disaster. A single missionary, Miss Jane, and Jim, a Christian and her national guide feel the Lord is calling them to bring the Gospel to these savage people. When her brother receives a letter from Jane telling him of her plans, he calls on Sam to help. Will Sam and the crew arrive in time or will Jane's fate be like all the others who have dared penetrate this dark land. Tune in to find out about how they all come face to face with "The Mark of the Scorpion."

SS-03 "Volcano!" (13 episodes) Sam has been asked to "tame" a volcano threatening a coastal village. Disobedience puts Hazel and Nancy in grave danger and nearly causes the death of Sam, Hazel and Nancy. Their escape lies through the heart of the volcano! Don't miss this heart-stopping adventure!

SS-04 "Taming the Twins" (8 episodes)
Sam's patience severely tried when he agrees to "make Christian gentlemen" out of two young scoundrels, Mark & Luke Rasmussen. They have recently lost both of their parents and need to be transported from Bombay, India to San Francisco. These spoiled brats try every prank in the book to make life miserable aboard the Porpoise. It doesn't look like Sam will be successful. The boys overhear Sam and Olie talking about what to do. Can they salvage what's left of the voyage and change Sam's mind? Tune in to find out!

SS-05 "Mexican Bandits" (13 episodes) This is a mystery in the middle of Mexico. Chuck Walters is a missionary friend of Sam's and has been having trouble with bandits trying to drive him and the Christians out of their village. Chuck flies back to the States to ask Sam for a big favor - come to Mexico and clean out "ghost valley." It's a hair-raising adventure you won't want to miss!

SS-06 "The River Shark" (13 episodes)
The old river boat is legendary but disappeared many years ago with valuable and historical documents. Collectors would pay a handsome price to obtain those documents. The US Government calls on Sam to to find it. However there are pirates looking for the old vessel. The old treasure is right under their noses but can Sam find figure out the mystery before the pirates do and save the priceless historical treasure from being lost? Tune in for some "cat and mouse" adventure!

SS-07 “Atomic Material” (13 episodes) Sam has agreed to transport some atomic material for a friendly nation. This adventure is filled with sailing, spying, submarines and secret agents!

SS-08 The "Golden Galleon" (13 episodes)
is an exciting story of searching for sunken treasure. Several accidents early on cause Sam and the gang to stop and take stock of whether they are in the Lord's will or not - much to the chagrin of the woman who hired Sam to help her locate the Golden Galleon. Her uncle holds the secret as to the whereabouts of the sunken ship but he is near death. Will he pull through to tell his secret or will the sunken treasure lay buried in the sea for ever? Tune in and learn what the real treasure is!

SS-09 “Noises in the Night” (8 episodes)
Sam is invited to be the key-note speaker at the Bible school's missions conference. All the crew join him at the school for a week of great preaching and fellowship until they began hearing noises in the night. The earth is moving! A crevasse opens up on main street wide enough to swallow a truck. Sam and Olie descend into its depths to determine what can be done about the danger but death awaits them. All hope is lost, a memorial service is held and then a miracle! Tune in and listen to this nail-biting adventure!

SS-10 “Wings for the Missionary” (13 episodes)
A strange dog, unexpected visitors and God's mercy all come together to make this an exciting adventure. Sailor Sam and his crew meet Jeff Cornell, a WWII flying ace who wants to start a missionary aviation ministry. Sam agrees to help but first he and Olie must get their pilots licenses. Sam is approved by the mission, but Olie is told he is “too old.” Tune in to find out how Olie responds to this disappointment and how Sam and the crew find out!

SS-11 “The Ghost of Stone Manor” (13 episodes)
Sailor Sam is in NY relaxing after his latest adventure when he is astonished by a visit from an English lawyer informing him that he is the heir to a castle in England! The old gentleman, Sir Samuel Stone, has died and Sam is the nearest of kin alive. Sam and the crew decide to go to England to see "Stone Manor." Jealousy, bitterness and a downright ghostly turn of events make this adventure a one-of-a-kind. Tune in to hear how God makes all things work together for good for Sam and the crew - as well as for the servants employed at the Castle.

SS-12 "The Race" (8 episodes) In this adventure, Sam is off to a college reunion and meets up with an old college friend who is also a sea captain. Brad Young - not known for his honesty or integrity - challenges Sam to a schooner race from New York to the Caribbean and back. Sam's friends warn him against doing it because Brad cannot be trusted to race fairly. When Sam refuses to accept their advice and accepts the challenge, his friends decide to ride along to make sure the race is fair. Brad pulls every cheating trick in the book in order to guarantee a win for himself. Tune in to find out how Sam wins even though he comes in last.

SS-13 "Polar Adventure" (13 episodes) Sam and the crew begin a "landlubbers" adventure to look for a lost millionaire treasure hunter in Alaska. He disappeared into a cave in a quest to find a lost treasure and found much more than he bargained for!

SS-14 “Adrift with the Drifter and Professor” (13 episodes)
Sam is transporting some Bibles to some missionaries and has taken aboard two passengers as well. A professor who does not believe in God and a "drifter" who knows the Lord as his Saviour. These two men start off clashing right away. Things go down hill when the weather worsens and the schooner goes through the worst hurricane they have ever been in. The Porpoise looses her masts and other rigging and is in danger of sinking so they decide to abandon ship - in the height of the storm! Tune in to see true Christianity in action and experience the drama and trauma of being "Adrift" in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

SS-15 “Salt Water Crocodile” (8 episodes)
Ranchers in Texas along the Gulf of Mexico are in an uproar. They are losing valuable livestock, mostly calves and colts, in the gulf. No, the animals are not falling into the water and drowning. These young and small animals are being killed by creature in the water. The ranchers suspect an alligator is to blame, but alligators live in fresh water not salty. The ranchers go to the local game warden, but this fellow is either too tired or too lazy to get to the bottom of the problem. And this fellow won't let the ranchers hunt down this livestock killer. The ranchers are ready to revolt. They plan to find and kill the killer with or without the game warden's permission. How does Sam figure into the ranchers' problem? He and the Porpoise crew are out on the ocean, and the crew doesn't even know where they are headed or if they are headed anywhere in particular.

SS-16 "The Temple of Isis" (8 episodes)
Sam and the crew embark on an adventure that takes them over a sea of sand! Now that's a switch! A vase, a Sheikh, and a model T Ford make for some hair raising adventure! Don't miss it!

SS-17 “Pirates on the Island of Mangu” (13 episodes)
Pirates are raiding the villages on the little island of Mangu. Missionaries live on the island and have converted many of the natives there. The villagers don't have much but are content. The pirate raids are stealing and destroying what little the natives have. Many natives and a chief want war. Another chief wants peace and wisdom from God. The chief who wants war has agreed to wait one day while the other chief looks for an answer from God. Out on the ocean, on board the Porpoise there is boredom. Nothing but ocean. The same routine every day. The kids are tired of the monotony. When will God bring something interesting into their lives? A possible theme for this story is "Waiting on the Lord."

SS-18 “Shark Way” (8 episodes)

SS-19 "The White Gorilla" (5 episodes)
is a story about Sam and the Crew on a much needed holiday in Florida. Their cabin is near an amusement park but there is not much amusement among the crew. Hazel and Nancy decide to play a joke on the sleeping men to liven things up. Their prank turns sour when they discover more tracks than they made but Sam, Olie and Buddy don't believe them. A furry fight leads to a new found friend who gives up fun to find a Friend in Christ! Don't miss this humorous adventure! On December 17 a two week thriller called "The Ghost of Hook" begins with more hair raising adventure for Sam and the Crew of the Porpoise.

SS-20 "The Farm" (13 episodes) Sam and the crew become landlocked as they leave the Porpoise and travel to the rolling hills of Wisconsin to help Sam's ailing, "nice ornery" uncle Caleb with his dairy farm! Sam and Olie find out they are not cut out for milking and farming but they have a hilarious time trying! Uncle Caleb has his eye on one of them to take over the farm when he is gone. Tune in to find out in this humorous tale of sea-dogs turned farmers!

SS-21 "Spook" (13 episodes) Spook is a highly trained monkey that Sam has been commissioned to hand deliver to secret services in Europe. However, there are others who would like to get their hands on this monkey and hire a clever couple to "kidnap" the monkey. Carelessness has blown their cover and all chances for Sam and the crew to deliver the monkey seem hopeless. Tune in to see how a near fatal slide down a mountain saves the day!

SS-22 "Shipwreck" (13 episodes)
A new adventure begins with Sailor Sam and the crew running into more troubles than they have ever had. Pierre Cordeau, a famous underwater photographer wants to use the Porpoise to film the final footage for his latest nature film. His vessel was damaged in a recent filming session and needs the Porpoise to help him capture a herd of whales on film. Sam agrees to go along with the idea and the Porpoise is quickly outfitted with underwater filming equipment - including an underwater turret where a camera man can sit to film close up. An airline crash, a smashed turret and an unknown illness all work together for good as Sam and the crew learn to trust the Lord even in the face of death. Don't miss this unforgettable adventure of disaster in the air and at sea!

SS-23 “Dinosaurs”
Sailor Sam meets up with Larry Stewart, the science editor for the New Orleans Daily. Larry is about to lose his job because the science page is so boring. His boss said Larry had 48 hours, to come up with an interesting story or he is out of a job! What is he going to do??? Hearing about Sam Stone and all his adventures, Larry goes to meet him. That's where he comes up with the idea of writing about Dinosaurs. Just where is this going to take Sailor Sam and crew?

SS-24 “Linda and the Smugglers”
Sailor Sam and crew have gone undercover to catch some smugglers. The once sleek Porpoise looks like an old fishing yawl. What kind of smugglers is Sailor Sam up against--those who traffic in people! Mr. Baker and his Indian employee have just figured it out that Sam Stone is on their trail, and It is beginning to look as though there will be a sea battle before it is all over. You won't want to miss the exciting conclusion to this story.

SS-25 “Mountain Music” Sam and the crew are in the middle of an adventure in the Appalachian mountains! Buddy and Nancy went to spend the summer with their aunt and uncle who are missionaries high in the Kentucky mountains. The area they are working in is populated predominately by two feuding families - the Caldwells and the Beals. No one knows why the feud started, they just know they have been at odds for several generations and don't have a mind to quit. The situation deteriorates quickly after Buddy and Nancy arrive and make friends with some of the children. When their crops are burned and they became hostages on the mission station, Buddy risks a trip through the woods to send a message to Sam to come help. How can Sam stop the feuding which would allow Uncle Fred and Aunt Jane to share the Gospel? A shooting contest, a stolen donkey, a sick child and kidnappers make things pop! Tune in to see how God works every thing together for good!

SS-26 "Nancy and the Wale" (13 episodes) This is a cute story about a whale who adopts Nancy as a friend. Find out how this "friendship" nearly turned into disaster and how Sam and the crew persuaded the whale to give up this "friendship" for good!

SS-27 "The Black Pearl" Sam and the crew are in a small fishing/oyster village in Japan at the request of a missionary friend. This village has suffered hard times but a mysterious message on the dying lips of an old pearl diver brings hope. The old man says that the secret to better times for the village is to find "The Black Pearl." Sam's assignment? Help find the black pearl! But someone else is interested in finding the "Black Pearl" for himself. In fact, he has already been looking as evidenced by the disturbed oyster beds. Tune in to learn how greed nearly becomes fatal and how a testimony of forgiveness brings life.

SS-28 "Columbus" (13 episodes) Sam and the crew are asked to participate in and head up an historical reenactment of the voyage of Columbus when he discovered the Americas. An old sea dog predicts the voyage will be haunted by the ghost of Columbus and end in disaster. A Stowaway, breakdowns, strange illness and a mad man all work together to provide some brain tingling excitement and cause Sam and the crew learn to trust the Lord in some very dangerous situations.

SS-29 "They Fly for God" (19 episodes)
This is a story of two brothers who are missionaries in the jungles of South America. One is a pilot and the other is preaching and teaching the Gospel on a remote Mission station. Several other missionaries are on various other Mission station's. Cleive (sp?), the pilot, flies supplies to the missionaries and occasionally does emergency flights to take missionaries or natives to medical help. Buddy, Nancy and Hazel are helping Cleive man "Grand Central Station" in the jungle. Clem (sp?) is having trouble with the chief and the witch doctor at his station. The chief's son has died and the chief is burning the village in anger stirred up by the witch doctor. Clem was gone when the chief's son died so Cleive flew Sam and Clem out to Clem's Mission station to try to calm the situation. They had to parachute down to the station since there is no air strip at Clem's station yet - partly because it is opposed by the witch doctor and partly because of a large tree right in the middle of where the landing strip needs to be. Olie is on his way with a native boy and mules loaded with supplies to build the airstrip. A curse, a sudden storm and a dramatic rescue pave the way for the Gospel to come to this needy village. Tune in to find out how!

SS-30 “Lake Africa”
Sailor Sam and the crew have just met Professor Digg, an archeologist, who has contracted Sam to take him on a digging expedition in Africa. Professor Digg has come aboard the Porpoise but not without fanfare. It appears that Professor Digg is going to make life difficult for the crew. Tune in to find out how the professor "digs" himself into a deep hole and and learn along with the crew how to display a Christ-like spirit toward those who are hard to get along with.

SS-31 "The Ghost of Hook" (10 episodes)
Sam and the crew meet one of Olie's old buddies from before he was saved when the Lord sends the old friend just at the right time. This rough old seadog does not take to Hazel very quickly and she must learn a lesson in Christian love. Olie has a burden for his soul but in the process has to dig out a skeleton in the closet which turns out to be "The Ghost of Hook!" Here how God can save to the uttermost all them who call upon Him!

SS-32 “Mr. Pockets” (15 episodes)

SS-33 “An Explosive Situation” (5 episodes)
The Porpoise is stolen while waiting for its regular haul out to clean the hull of the ship. To make matters worse, Buddy was alone on the Porpoise when it was stolen and the pirates did not realize he was aboard until it was too late. Now they are taking Buddy along with them on their mission to transport explosives and other ammunition to a rebel group in Latin America. Tune in to hear how Buddy learns to trust the Lord and be a witness even in an "Explosive Situation!

SS-34 “The Thinking Machine” (10 episodes)
Sam and the crew are on a very special missionary journey with an even more special crew. Sam has brought Princess Ann and Herman, a computer on board the Porpoise to help him attempt to translate the New Testament into Princess Ann's native language. Olie believes that Herman can think like a human. Catch all the hard work and adventure of going to a foreign land to put the Bible into the hands of people who have never heard or read the Word of God in their own tongue.

SS-35 “Adventure in Israel” (10 episodes)

SS-36 “Cubmarine” (5 episodes)
Sam and the crew sail into the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean to study the Green Sea Turtle but soon discover a “turtle” much larger than they ever dreamed! This “turtle” turns out to be a “cubmarine” which launches them on a new adventure. Where did it come from? Is there anyone inside – dead or alive? Tune in and enjoy this short adventure as Sam and the crew explore a modern marine marvel in the aqua-blue waters of the Windward Islands.

SS-37 “The Secret of Black Bear Cave” (10 episodes)
Sam and the Crew are off taking a well deserved vacation - only a storm gets in the way and slows them down a bit. They are spending some time with Sam's scientist friend, Fred Norris, his nephew, Jimmy, and their handyman, Max who keeps disappearing from time to time. Fred is working on some experiments and hopes Sam will be able to help him out a bit. Olie is hoping for some rest and relaxation mixed with fishing. Buddy and Nancy are looking forward to exploring and excitement... not much chance of that way out in the middle of nowhere... or is there? You don't want to miss this exciting adventure of exploring caves and an unexpected "treasure" deep inside one of them in "The Secret of Blackbear Cave."