Monday, November 3, 2008

Who is Sailor Sam?

The following about Sailor Sam is from Randy at Harbour Light on 10-21-07:

Sailor Sam is an unmarried Christian gentleman, scientist, explorer and expert sailor. His schooner, "The Porpoise," is a sleek 90 foot wooden hulled ship outfitted with a lab and many "modern" conveniences - including radar! His first mate, Olie Olson, is a big kind hearted Swede who is older than Sam but a very capable sailor and Christian himself. Accompanying them on their voyages are Sam's young cousins, Buddy and Nancy and their spinster aunt, Hazel, a somewhat older lady but none the less a capable cook, nurse and a godly Christian lady. Their adventures take them all over the world to help missionaries, solve mysteries, battle volcanoes, and more!

The program opens like this: (with Dick Anthony, I presume, playing "Sailing, Sailing" on the organ)

The Adventures of Sailor Sam! "Land Ho!" "Where away?" "Starboard bow!" Hear the creak of the rigging? Listen to the wind whip the sails! Yes, boys and girls, Sailor Sam's big schooner "The Porpoise" plunges swiftly through the waves eager to serve her master. Where's she going? Wish I could tell you but we'll have to find out from Sailor Sam. An adventurous young man whose hunt for scientific truth takes him anywhere, yes, anywhere! And with him go his two young cousins, Buddy and Nancy. Aye, aye mates! It's full speed ahead now for sea-faring thrills with, Sailor Sam!

The program closes like this:

...see you on the quarterdeck (next week) for more adventure with Sailor Sam!

Originally the program was broadcast as a weekly 15 minute serial drama. We have edited out "next week" to make the program usable for broadcasting on any schedule.

There are 32 adventures in 394 programs (that is what we have anyway)

Several of the voices in Sailor Sam are heard in other Moody dramas however this program predates all the others (I believe) and so there are some voices that are only heard in Sailor Sam. Most notable are Rex Brenner in various rolls & Flo Schmidt as Buddy. The series starts off with a young man playing Buddy but he is replaced by Flo early on. There are a couple of programs that end with a list the cast - I'm pretty sure - I will have to check to see if I can find it. You may have all that info already.

I hope that is good for a starter!

Have a great week!