Monday, November 3, 2008

Sailor Sam's Charles Christensen

The following about Sailor Sam is from Allen Winters at Sunlite Broadcasting on 10-26-07:

Sailor Sam was played by (this good man encouraged me to go into Christian Broadcasting when after a lapse of many years, had a mini Radio Broadcasting Summer School program in 1963) Charles "Chuck Christensen." Chuck worked for MBI for many many years. He was, of course, Sailor Sam and was involved in some other moody productions, I believe as a producer. Later, he became station manager of WMBI, the Moody Station in Chicago.

Later, he joined the faculty of the communications Department of Moody and ultimately became head of the Department there prior to his retirement. He and his wife, Winnie also wrote, at one time, an advice column for the now defunct Moody Monthly.

I think that WMBI news director Walter Carlson, may have been involved as an announcer for the program, but not sure. Anyway, I recall the program very, very well. Moody Radio in those days had many "stock players" who played other characters of moody productions such as Stories of Great Christians. These definitely included Walter Carlso, Ted Seelye,
(of "cleared for takeoff" a moody radio missionary adventure) Miron Canaday and Rex Brenner of Ranger Bill, and many others over the years.

As a student I recall that the "stars of their programs" had their pictures displayed on the walls of the 10th floor offices of WMBI. One was of Chuck Christensen dressed as Sailor Sam. I used to have Chuck's phone number in Northern IL but lost it. Hope this helps somewhat, and if I can find anything more, will let you know.

Allan Winters

Sunlite Broadcasting