Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year from Sailor Sam

Sailor Sam and the crew sailed to Galveston. They left "The Porpoise" docked there for a few weeks while they visit family and friends.
Sam, Aunt Hazel, and the kids have flown to Chicago to visit with friends at Moody. They will leave Chicago this week to visit family for two weeks. Then they will return to Galveston to set sail.
Olie flew to Sweden to spend the holidays with his family. He is planning to meet Sam and the others at Galveston.
Once together, the crew plans on spending some time helping with the continued clean-up in New Orleans.
If all goes well for Sam, "The Porpoise" and it's crew will head for Venice,Italy after leaving New Orleans. I can't tell you what Sam it up to, but I can give you a hint - Marco Polo. Can you guess what Sam has in mind?
Sam, Olie, Hazel, Buddy, and Nancy hope everyone has had a holy Christmastime. And they wish everyone a happy and joyous New Year!