Monday, May 25, 2009

Sam returns to Ecuador

Sam has returned to the northwest coast of South America to Ecuador. Sam has traveled miles inland to Ecuador's capital Quito and from there southeast to the jungles in the heart of the country. Sam is here to visit the Indian village that inspired this week's Sailor Sam adventure, They Fly For God!
In January of 1956, five young men - Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming, and Jim Elliot - were killed by a fierce warrior tribe that had driven off every missionary who had come to share Jesus with them. These missionaries were working through Mission Aviation Fellowship to reach the Auca Indians, today known as the Waodani Tribe. Today there is a church in the Waodani village.
I heartily recommend you read Elizabeth Elliot's book, Through Gates of Splendor, and also Steve Saint's book, End of the Spear. Elizabeth is Jim Elliot's widow. Steve is Nate Saint's son. End of the Spear has been made into a motion picture as well. These two books share the gripping story both in 1956 and now of the work of these men and their families and how that work has and is bringing the Waodani to Christ!

SS-029 They Fly For God!

Sailor Sam and the crew are currently in the jungles of South America helping twin missionary brothers, Clem and Clieve, set up radio communications for all the missionaries and open up a new mission station by clearing an air strip. Clem is a missionary pilot servicing a number of mission stations in the jungle. This story is a tribute to the five missionaries who gave their lives many years ago in the jungles of Equator so that the Gospel of Christ could be planted in the hearts of savage Indians and provides a great glimpse into missionary life in geographically difficult areas. Don't miss this exciting and spiritually moving story "They Fly For God!"

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Sam Sees Somali Pirates

Last week, Sailor Sam and the crew of the Porpoise were delivering Bibles and supplies to missionaries in India. The Porpoise had passed from the Mediterranean Sea, down the Gulf of Suez, heading for the Indian Ocean. Sam and Olie generally sail the major shipping lanes which pass near Saudi Arabia and then Somalia on the way to India. As the Porpoise entered the Indian Ocean, Olie spotted what looked like pirates boarding a large freighter. Fortunately for Sam, the Porpoise was far enough away from the pirates that the pirates didn't see them. Sam knew American forces were not far because the Porpoise had passed American ships near Saudi Arabia. Olie reported the pirates to an American battleship using a special directional radio antenna so the pirates would not hear them. Soon US fighter planes followed by warships arrived at Sam's position. In just minutes Navy Seals had chased off the pirates. The Seals did capture some of the pirates. Sam suspects that the Navy planes and ships soon captured the pirate group because the ships quickly sailed in the direction of the pirates.