Monday, May 18, 2009

Sam Sees Somali Pirates

Last week, Sailor Sam and the crew of the Porpoise were delivering Bibles and supplies to missionaries in India. The Porpoise had passed from the Mediterranean Sea, down the Gulf of Suez, heading for the Indian Ocean. Sam and Olie generally sail the major shipping lanes which pass near Saudi Arabia and then Somalia on the way to India. As the Porpoise entered the Indian Ocean, Olie spotted what looked like pirates boarding a large freighter. Fortunately for Sam, the Porpoise was far enough away from the pirates that the pirates didn't see them. Sam knew American forces were not far because the Porpoise had passed American ships near Saudi Arabia. Olie reported the pirates to an American battleship using a special directional radio antenna so the pirates would not hear them. Soon US fighter planes followed by warships arrived at Sam's position. In just minutes Navy Seals had chased off the pirates. The Seals did capture some of the pirates. Sam suspects that the Navy planes and ships soon captured the pirate group because the ships quickly sailed in the direction of the pirates.