Thursday, September 17, 2009

SS-03 Volcano!

Sam and the crew have embarked on one of their most exciting adventures. Their mission: tame a volcano! The title of this adventure is simply "Volcano!" They are now on a Pacific island where many years ago, a volcano - dubbed "Appolyon" destroyed an entire village. Now Appolyon has come out of its deep sleep and is threatening the village again - and there seems to be no way to stop it! This adventure will chill your blood and stand your hair straight up! Find out how Appolyon swallows Sam, Hazel and Nancy whole and how the Lord miraculously brings them out alive! Listen and learn how the lava flows of Appolyon are turned harmlessly into the sea and how the "lava" of hatred is turned by a "soft answer."

Have a great week...

Spreading the WORD,
Phil. 1:9-11