Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sailor Sam Diamond Anniversary

I do not have exact beginning and ending dates for SAILOR SAM. From What I do have though, I believe that Sailor Sam first aired just a few months before RANGER BILL began production. It appears that SAILOR SAM was first broadcast in January of 1950. The Ranger Bill Fan Club is beginning to celebrate Ranger Bill's 60th anniversary. So it seems proper that we should also celebrate the diamond anniversary of Sailor Sam's first broadcast. Let's celebrate the 60th Anniversary for SAILOR SAM!!!

Share a Sam CD with your church or your city library. Give a Sam CD as a gift to a child. Contribute to Moody to support Moody Audio and Sailor Sam.

Moody Audio ( sells Sailor Sam individual mp3s as well as mp3 CDs of all the Sailor Sam stories. Radiotime lists a handful of stations that still broadcast Sam. Harbour Light is the only station that I know of that broadcasts on the Internet.

If you do a search for "Sailor Sam" you will get several pages of hits. But most of those hits will direct you to sites selling two different books for children and are not connected in any way to Moody's Sailor Sam, Olie, and the Porpoise. One book is The Adventures of Sailor Sam, about a cat named Sailor Sam who lives on a ship. The other Book is Captain Dan and Sailor Sam. Again this is a book for children and not connected to our Sam.