Sunday, April 5, 2009

SS-14 Adrift

Sailor Sam and the crew begin a new 13 chapter adventure on Monday April 6 simply called "Adrift." Sam is transporting some Bibles to some missionaries and has taken aboard two passengers as well. A professor who does not believe in God and a "drifter" who knows the Lord as his Saviour. These two men start off clashing right away. Things go down hill when the weather worsens and the schooner goes through the worst hurricane they have ever been in. The Porpoise looses her masts and other rigging and is in danger of sinking so they decide to abandon ship - in the height of the storm! Tune in to see true Christianity in action and experience the drama and trauma of being "Adrift" in the middle of the Pacific ocean. You won't want to miss a single chapter!

Sailor Sam is heard on the Harbour Light at 5PM AST weekdays. Tune in to hear other great Christian drama, Bible teaching, preaching and Christ-honoring music.

Have a great week!