Monday, March 9, 2009

SS-27 The Black Pearl

"Stone Manor" will conclude this week. Sailor Sam learned that he is the heir to a castle in England! Sam and the crew decide to go to England to see "Stone Manor." Jealousy, bitterness and a downright ghostly turn of events make this adventure a one-of-a-kind. Tune in to hear how God makes all things work together for good for Sam and the crew - as well as for the servants employed at the Castle.

Following their adventure at "Stone Manor" Sam and the crew sail to Japan at the request of a missionary friend. A Japanese village has suffered hard times. An old pearl diver confides in his grandson just before he dies. The old man says that the secret to better times for the village is to find "The Black Pearl." Sam's assignment? Help find the black pearl! Tune in to learn how greed nearly becomes fatal and how a testimony of forgiveness brings life.