Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SS-12 "The Race"

On Monday June 6, 2013, Sam and the crew began their latest adventure:

SS-12 "The Race" (8 episodes) In this adventure, Sam is off to a college reunion and meets up with an old college friend who is also a sea captain. Brad Young - not known for his honesty or integrity - challenges Sam to a schooner race from New York to the Caribbean and back. Sam's friends warn him against doing it because Brad cannot be trusted to race fairly. When Sam refuses to accept their advice and accepts the challenge, his friends decide to ride along to make sure the race is fair. Brad pulls every cheating trick in the book in order to guarantee a win for himself. Tune in to find out how Sam wins even though he comes in last.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SS5 Mexican Bandits

"Mexican Bandits" (SS-5)

Sam and the crew find themselves in the middle of a mystery in Mexico. This adventure is called "Mexican Bandits." (13 episodes) Chuck Walters is a missionary friend of Sam's and has been having trouble with bandits trying to drive him and the Christians out of their village. Chuck flies back to the States to ask Sam for a big favor - come to Mexico and clean out "ghost valley." It's a hair-raising adventure you won't want to miss!