Saturday, October 30, 2010

SS-18 "Shark Way"

SS-18 “Shark Way” (8 episodes)
Sam and the crew are searching for great white sharks to study their habits. When they find a school of these huge creatures, the hunters become the hunted. The sharks attack the Porpoise and their support boat. Ollie must use his whale harpooning skills to try and save the ship and the crew.

Friday, October 1, 2010

SS27 The Black Pearl

SS-27 "The Black Pearl" Sam and the crew are in a small fishing/oyster village in Japan at the request of a missionary friend. This village has suffered hard times but a mysterious message on the dying lips of an old pearl diver brings hope. The old man says that the secret to better times for the village is to find "The Black Pearl." Sam's assignment? Help find the black pearl! But someone else is interested in finding the "Black Pearl" for himself. In fact, he has already been looking as evidenced by the disturbed oyster beds. Tune in to learn how greed nearly becomes fatal and how a testimony of forgiveness brings life.